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31 July
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I enjoy watching anime... listening to music... sitting at my computer, playing games or talking to people... and... when I can... pen and paper RPGs are a whole lot of fun... oh, and reading... that's always good...
"buggrit", "millenium hand and shrimp", .hack, a perfect circle, agnosticism, air drums, air guitar, alone time, animation, anime, archaic weapons, army of darkness, bagpipes, being with friends, black sabbath, board games, books, british humor, bruce campbell, camping, card captor sakura, cats, celtic, clerks, cold rain, comedies, computer games, computers, counting in binary, d&d, danish, dead languages, dogma, dragons, eddie izzard, europe, family guy, fantasy, final fantasy, finnish, firefly, flcl, flogging molly, foreign languages, free music, friends, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, fullmetal alchemist, gaelic, games, gaming, general grievous, george carlin, german, grimm's fairy tales, guitars, harry potter books, hiragana, hot girls, hugs, humor, iaido, icelandic, in extremo, irony, jack black, japanese, japanese culture, japanese food, jigsaw puzzles, jones soda, kanji, katakana, kevin smith, languages, latin, led zeppelin, linguistics, listening to music, literature, living languages, lord of the rings, magic: the gathering, manga, martial arts, midori no hibi, monty python, movies, mozart, mp3s, muppets, music, nanny ogg, night watch, nightwish, ninjas, nintendo, norwegian, optical illusions, penguins, piano, pink floyd, pirates, pixel art, pizza, poetry, ps2, puzzles, ragnarok online, rahxephon, reading, rifts, rock music, rocking out, rpg's, rpgs, russian, samurai swords, sarcasm, school of rock, science fiction, seattle, serenity, skies of arcadia, sleep, sleeping, small gods, sonata arctica, soul calibur, soundgarden, star wars, strobe lights, stuff, swedish, sword play, symphony x, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the library, the wee free men, tim burton movies, tim curry, tool, video games, warmachine, wit, world of warcraft, xbox, yet more sleep